Tổng đài OpenScape Business ra phiên bản V2R4

At the beginning of December, we will release the new OpenScape Business V2R4 Software Release, delivering a deeper UC Integration into Microsoft Outlook, extended Security & Serviceability Features, a new Hospitality Solution for SMB and even more....

The new OpenScape Business Software Release V2R4 includes the following Highlights and Values

  • UC Suite and Security - Improved Teamwork and deeper integration into MS Outlook by supporting the Microsoft Contact Card Integration incl presence mapping next to eMail address and quick dial/chat options directly from your contacts. Furthermore: Enhanced Password Policies for the UC Client login to keep security on high level
  • Unified Directory - A new external directory, so far only available for UC Suite, now available also for all Telephony, UC Smart and myPortal to go Users which can be easily imported with a simple csv file
  • OpenScape Accounting and Welcome - New Hospitality/Hotel Solution for smaller hotels based on OpenScape Accounting providing features like Guest Check in/Out and even more on top of a powerful call data record and Reporting Application. Please note: planned release date January 2018
  • New CP205 Device - Completing our CP Phone Device Family with the new CP 205 now including Gigabit switch capabilities
  • ITSP Enhancements - Easily configure your ITSP Trunk as requested by customers to ensure a “free” line anytime by defining the direction (incoming/outgoing/bidirectional). Supporting SIP Call Deflection: Optimized channel handling: Rerouting/Relase of voice calls when activating Call Forwarding to an external Party
  • Further Improvements - For Application Launcher in combination with myAgent (optimized License Handling, Action/Trigger for Pop Up can be set for in or outgoing calls or both), new edit option in search results within myAttendant, Search for users within the UC Suite User Administration
  • Support of new Operating Systems - Apple MAC OS High Sierra 10.13, Windows Terminal Server 2016 (incl. TAPI)

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